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Leading the energy industry into a low carbon future
about TNEI

TNEI is an independent specialist energy consultancy providing technical, strategic, environmental and consenting advice to organisations operating within the conventional and renewable energy sectors.

We have a range of skills tailored specifically to answer the issues associated with increased distributed renewable generation and the integration of low carbon technology.

Our consultants have industry leading expertise in grid code compliance studies, noise assessment and modelling of innovative, smart grid technologies. These skills are complemented by a number of other technical services; from GIS and consenting, to energy market analysis, allowing us to confidently guide clients through projects from concept to delivery.

What TNEI can do

Why work with TNEI

Industry Leading Expertise.

Our clients span the entire energy system in the UK and overseas, and know they can count on us to deliver stellar analysis skills and innovative solutions.

Diverse capability. Seamless delivery.

As an independent SME, we take a more tailored approach to our projects – whether they are technical, strategic or environmental, or a hybrid mix – and bring together multi-skilled teams who deliver as one.

Rapport-builders. Problem-solvers.

We steer clients through the most complex of engineering issues. As an independent consultancy, we stay proactive and responsive to their needs in the ever-shifting energy landscape powering towards net-zero

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TNEI also owns and develops the power systems analysis software, IPSA 2, which contains an extensive range of fully integrated modules enabling all essential studies to be undertaken and can be used to provide bespoke modelling solutions.

TNEI operates from offices in Manchester, Newcastle, Glasgow, Dublin and Cape Town. Our clients range from large utility companies, large and small project developers, industrial organisations and manufacturers, regulators, public sector bodies and community groups.

We have been operating in the energy industry since 1974 when IPSA software was first created at the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST), where The Northern Energy Initiative (TNEI) began pioneering research into renewable energy in 1999. As a result of collaboration between these two entities, TNEI Services Ltd and IPSA Power were merged in 2004 and we have been delivering high quality consultancy services to our clients around the world ever since.

Our team of experts can provide you with efficient, timely and practical support for your project, throughout the entire lifecycle:

We provide expert advisory services in the following sectors:

Our services can be applied to any renewable or conventional energy requirements. Get in touch to find out how we can help you deliver your project successfully: email info@tneigroup.com or call 0161 233 4800.

We are a specialist, independent company. That’s why we can offer a flexible, personal service and help our clients quickly and efficiently, without all the big corporate distractions.

But most of all, we love to solve problems.

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