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IPSA (Interactive Power System Analysis) software is a modern and comprehensive power system analysis package for the design, planning and analysis of electrical networks. Our philosophy is to provide fast, accurate and user-friendly analysis of electrical power systems to the energy industry.

A modern and comprehensive power system analysis software package for the design, planning and analysis of electrical networks.

Why choose IPSA?

Why choose IPSA?

Cost Effective Power Solution.

By using IPSA, you have access to many world-leading engines in load flow calculations. fault contributions and transient stability - all available at a fraction of the market price!

Customer-led software development.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. The tool is driven by customer feedback and industry requirements.

Expert support & training.

On-going support provided by our experts for maintained versions of the program as well as training, onboarding and management.


Supporting the power systems industry for over 45 years.

Quality-Driven Software

Running load flows since 1974, IPSA has a suite of modules including load flow, fault level, overcurrent protection grading, harmonics analysis and transient stability.

Industry-Leading Product Solutions

Customer-tailored product solutions built around IPSA to enhance the user experience and simplify complex studies.

Comprehensive Services

Client-driven system studies focused on ensuring the reliability, security and stability of networks and paving the way for the integration of low carbon technologies.

Expert-Led Training

Tailored training sessions delivered by power systems and renewable energy experts.

Start with a free trial

Familiarise yourself with IPSA and its related functionality with standard example networks. Try IPSA free for 14 days.

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