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Planning and Consent Support

Our team of chartered and experienced planning consultants, based in England and Scotland, are skilled in taking projects from an initial site finding or feasibility stage, through to environmental appraisal and assessment and the submission of planning applications and other consent applications.

James Mackay

Director of Environment & Engineering
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TNEI Experience in planning and Consenting support

The team is experienced in delivering high quality planning submissions for a range of energy related projects as well as infrastructure and residential schemes; with a particular expertise in wind energy and other renewable energy technologies.

We have a wide ranging experience in both leading and supporting developers in pre and post application submission liaison with statutory and non-statutory consultees. We work with developers to undertake community consultation (including meetings and exhibitions), manage public consultation and produce and design presentation material.


Senior members of the team have expertise in preparing and presenting evidence for planning appeals, managing input from other experts, as well as reviewing and ‘inquiry proofing’ evidence and original planning application documentation.

TNEI has contributed to a number of key renewable energy policy and guidance documents at local, regional and national levels.

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Planning and Consenting Support

TNEI’s expert team can provide a range of post consent support

Planning applications to be delivered to the highest of standards

Specialist Energy Advice

We are a specialist, independent company. That’s why we can offer a flexible, personal service and help our clients quickly.

Post consent support

TNEI’s expert team can provide a range of post consent support including:

Our specialists have experience of enabling clients to deliver complex and often challenging projects and ensuring that momentum is maintained following the gaining of consent. 

By utilising our specialist in-house acoustic team, civil engineering capabilities and other topic specific associates, we are able to cover all aspects of post consent support.

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Town and country planning

Our specialist consultants are experienced in advising clients at an early stage of their energy development to identify potential risks from an environmental perspective and set out a clear strategy offering intuitive solutions. Our experience covers the whole of the UK, with a clear understanding of planning systems in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Our substantial experience allows planning applications to be delivered to the highest of standards.

Our town and country planning services include:

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