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Electricity Networks

TNEI has in-depth knowledge and expertise in electrical networks, encompassing planning, design, modelling and analysis. The team also has an excellent grasp of the regulatory aspects of the electricity system, and the mechanisms that are in place to support it.

Stephanie Hay

Director of Networks & Innovation and Director of TNEI Ireland
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We can support Network and System Operators and a range of other clients across a wide range of network services, including:

Electricity Networks Services

TNEI works with network operator clients in the UK to provide a range of services in the markets and regulation space

Our Engineers have extensive experience in the modelling and design of electrical networks.

Specialist Energy Advice

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Strategy & Regulation

TNEI works with network operator clients in the UK to provide a range of services in the markets and regulation space. We offer advice and external assurance on various regulatory aspects of their business, most prominently on RIIO price control business planning and associated mechanisms. We are also familiar with the regulatory landscape in Ireland and have supported clients there for over 10 years.

Our understanding of network charging is extensive, whereby TNEI have been working closely with an economic partner with whom we are jointly responsible for building, maintaining, and adapting DCUSA’s Distribution Use of System (DUoS) charging models. We have also undertaken numerous technical and market assessments for public sector industry organisations, such as Scottish Enterprise, who use these assessments to inform local and national strategy.

TNEI provides clear advice on electricity industry strategy and regulation to help organisations overcome these challenges. Our consultants draw on their comprehensive technical knowledge, significant project experience, and exceptional academic backgrounds to advise on everything from system operation to socio-economics. Our engineering expertise helps regulators, governments and network operators decide the future direction of the electricity industry. In turn, we use this knowledge to provide strategic advice to generators, suppliers and investors, helping them to remain competitive, now and in the future.

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RIIO Price Control Support

Network Charging

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Network Modelling, Analysis & Design

Our team of power system engineers have extensive experience in the modelling and design of electrical networks. We use power system analysis software (IPSA, Digsilent Power Factory, PSS/E, etc) to support our clients and perform complex analysis of network behaviour. We have experience in modelling all types of electrical network, from large interconnected transmission systems to small island networks. We regularly perform steady state and dynamic analyses to asses network capability and performance, analysing such things as frequency stability, sub-synchronous oscillations, voltage regulation and capacity to integrate renewable generation.

We regularly perform capacity assessments for integrating renewable generation connections, and undertake network planning studies to assess different methods of reinforcement or reconfiguration. More recently, we have been supporting clients on modelling lower voltage networks to a much more granular level to better understand the impacts of new technologies such as electric vehicles. TNEI also has a growing data science and probabilistic modelling capability such that we can respond to industry requirements around the modelling of demand or renewable generation patterns.

TNEI’s main clients are the electric utilities in the UK and Ireland, however we have also worked with network companies around the world, including South Africa, Nigeria, Bangladesh, and China. The combination of our expert software (IPSA) and power system analysis teams provides TNEI with a unique capability to provide clients with bespoke analysis solutions.

TNEI regularly supports its network clients in a variety of modelling and planning exercises. We do this across all voltage levels, from large trans-continental transmission systems to small island distribution networks. Two examples of the network planning services we have provided are given in the case studies below.

Case Studies

SP Energy Networks Ongoing Technical Support

Assessment of Variable Renewable Energy Grid Integration in Pacific Island Countries

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