Our team of multi-disciplinary specialists has strong experience in both the strategy and implementation of Hydrogen projects. TNEI has been involved in Hydrogen since 2007 and has the knowledge to provide optimal solutions tailored for specific Hydrogen projects including:  

Clients include development agencies, developers and operators of hydrogen sites.

Our Experience

Design and Construction of Hydrogen Mini-Grid System. Yorkshire Forward, ITM Power 

  • TNEI undertook the detailed design and project management of a £2.3 million renewable energy hydrogen system
  • Involved a wind turbine, electrolyser, hydrogen storage, fuel cell and vehicle refuelling station
  • Supports Rotherham Council’s hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles (HFC-EV) project
  • Demonstrates the applicability of the hydrogen technology across as wide a variety of applications as possible.

Constrained Renewables and Green Hydrogen – Scot Enterprise

  • TNEI assisted Scottish Enterprise in understanding the opportunities in the utilisation of renewable generation that would otherwise be constrained, being diverted for use in the production of green hydrogen
  • Carried out investigations into the feasibility of such systems through the identification of key barriers to development
  • Performed a cost-benefit assessment of green hydrogen from constrained renewables compared to other methods of managing constraints e.g. energy storage, active customer participation, traditional reinforcement
  • Detailed the grid connection process within the Scottish network operators that prospective renewable energy developers must undergo
  • The results of the high-level investigation into novel connection arrangements incorporating green hydrogen production was presented, including the cost-benefit of each option.

Multi-site Hydrogen Refuelling Station Planning Applications – ITM Power

  • TNEI prepared and submitted 15 planning applications across 11 sites in the UK for the construction of Hydrogen Refuelling Stations (HRS)
  • TNEI’s extensive experience and expertise in this field aided a smooth transition through the planning consenting process
  • Our expertise in this complex technology ensured robust and detailed applications, including on complex or contentious sites, to be submitted to the respective local authorities
  • Applications included a bespoke planning, design and access statement including full details of the technology and how this would work in the context of the site
  • Timescales were met in delivering the applications and TNEI guided the applications through the local planning system, with continued liaison with the local authority up to determination.

Planning Applications and Site Finding – ITM Power

  • TNEI prepared and submitted four planning applications for Hydrogen Refuelling Stations
  • This project forms part of the HyFIVE Hydrogen Project which has been launched across major cities in Europe
  • A fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) uses hydrogen as a fuel for generating electric power on-board the vehicle, producing no harmful exhaust emissions – only water vapour. FCEVs provide the potential to decarbonise road transport, create new economic opportunities, diversify national energy supply, and reduce significantly the local environmental impacts of road transport.

Hydrogen Refuelling Station – Riversimple

  • TNEI carried out environmental assessments and prepared, submitted and managed the determination of a planning application for a hydrogen storage and vehicle refuelling system in Abergavenny
  • Supporting information included a hazard and Operability Analysis (HAZOP) assessment
  • Planning permission was obtained in June 2018.