Grid Connection

TNEI’s grid connection team provides wind farm connection studies in the UK and Ireland, for projects ranging from sub 10MW sites, through to large scale transmission connected projects. In addition, we have undertaken site design assessments and grid connection for wind farm developers at the very early stage of development through to construction.

We build relationships with network owners and developers to help minimise barriers in the process.

Our grid connection services help connect generation projects, ranging from small feed-in tariff (FIT) sites, Distribution Network Operator (DNO) connected wind farms through to large Offshore Transmission Owner (OFTO)  sites. As part of the connection process, TNEI support includes:

  • Management of the preparation of initial connection assessments, cost estimates, and detailed connection applications
  • Negotiating connection offers with the relevant DNO/TNO
  • Reviewing Distribution Network Operator DNO and Transmission Network Operator (TNO) technical and commercial requirements
  • Guidance  through the regulatory process, assessing risk and potential costs
  • Providing up-to-date knowledge of changes affecting grid connection clients, such as CUSC amendments, ENA guidelines and OFGEM consultations
  • Interpretation of the implications of these proposals in a clear and concise manner
  • Completion of technical documentation including power system studies and DRC documentation

Wherever you are in the grid connection process, the TNEI team is well placed to provide you expert support. Please get in touch to find out what we can offer. 

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Grid Connections Lead