National Grid ESO, Distributed Restart

The brief

Distributed ReStart aims to resolve how to bring together the organisational coordination, the commercial and regulatory frameworks, and the power engineering solutions to achieve Black Start from Distributed Energy Resources (DER). Case studies on the SP Distribution (SPD) and SP Manweb (SPM) networks will be used to explore options and then design and test solutions through a combination of detailed off-line analysis, stakeholder engagement and industry consultation desktop exercises, and real-life trials of the re-energisation process.

The process

TNEI’s innovative concept was selected from 37 innovation pitches to be taken into the 2018 Network Innovation Competition by NGESO. We supported throughout the bidding process and built and defended the business case.

TNEI is providing our extensive expertise in specialist power system studies and knowledge of distribution and transmission network planning and operation, grid code and generation technology. We provided contributions to the recent “Viability of restoration from DERs” report on network case study criteria and selection, DER and network capability, functional and testing requirements and rollout across GB.

Benefits delivered

This project will deliver both financial benefits to the GB consumer though reduced charges and support the decarbonisation process. It is a ground breaking approach that would be the first of its kind in the world, creating the blueprint for international adoption.