Wind Farm Design

A pragmatic view is needed by wind farm developers, consenting authorities and consultees to appreciate and accept the size and shape of a wind farm must be based on local constraints and considerations. The importance of defining the right layout for a particular site cannot be underestimated in terms of minimising environmental impact and engineering considerations whilst maximising energy yields.

TNEI provide the technical expertise required for these vital development decisions and use various software tools including GIS, databases, specialist wind farm development software, and noise prediction models, to maximise the potential of a site.

  TNEI are experienced in all aspects of wind farm design including:

  • Consideration of on-site and near-site environmental and engineering constraints
  • Visual aesthetics
  • Noise levels and occurrence of shadow flicker at neighbouring dwellings
  • Turbine selection
  • Road layouts
  • Electrical connection
  • Financial modelling