Transmission and Distribution

TNEI is a leading provider of consultancy advice to the electricity utilities and regulators in the UK and Ireland. Our core expertise is rooted in electrical engineering and our consultants are technical experts in the design and operation of power systems. This knowledge is complemented by a strong understanding of the industry’s regulatory and commercial environment, and the role that electricity markets play in system operation.

Over the past decade, we have supported our network operator clients through the various challenges of integrating large volumes of renewable generation. More recently, industry focus has shifted and network operators have been trialling new and better ways of planning and operating their systems to manage these renewables. In today’s electricity system, innovation and networks go hand in hand, and our highly skilled team is at the forefront of this, providing thought leadership on aspects of network planning, using data science and probabilistic modelling to make use of the huge volumes of data the industry now has access to.

As the industry looks further ahead to a Net Zero future, the electrical networks and the regulatory environment will be constantly evolving. TNEI are on hand to support our clients to navigate through these changing requirements, which will encompass the needs of the power system, the regulator and consumers.