Introduction to Electricity Charging Regime and Use of System Costs in GB

A relatively detailed examination of the prevailing charging regime is covered in this course and it explains how the construction, maintenance, and operation of network assets in GB are paid for – both on the transmission and distribution networks.


The course will cover:

  • Evolution of the British Electricity Industry
  • Market Elements (stakeholders involved in generating, trading, regulating, and balancing of electricity)
  • Overview of all tariffs and costs (such as use of system costs applicable to users of transmission and distribution network)
  • Examination of charging methodologies used on transmission and distribution networks (how are the tariffs derived)
  • Proposed changes to the charging regulatory framework:
  1. Targeted charging review (TCR) / significant code review (SCR),
  2. Electricity network access project (ENAP),
  3. Balancing services use of system (BSUoS) Task Force, CUSC Modification Proposal 325 (CMP325)

Course duration: 1 day (could be arranged as two half days)

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Useful for: all industry stakeholders such as utilities, developers, engineers, students, regulators, academics.

What will I learn from this course? In this course you will learn detailed examination of the costs faced by generators in the electricity industry.

Pre-requisites: Some understanding of the electricity industry and of electricity markets will be useful but not essential.