G5/5 Training Course

This short course provides an insight into the newly issued harmonics engineering recommendation (EREC) by ENA which is coming in effect from 17th June 2020. This new EREC is a major upgrade from the previous G5/4-1 that was last updated in October 2005.

This course provides an excellent opportunity to learn from some of the contributors who helped shape this new EREC document, having years of experience in solving real-life complex harmonic compliance issues.


The course covers:

  • What are harmonics and how they are generated
  • Effects of harmonics on equipment
  • Background to the G5/5
  • Key changes to the compatibility and planning levels from G5/4-1
  • Changes to the aggregation formula
  • Revision of Stages 1, 2 and 3
  • Resonant plant
  • Stage 3 harmonic specification and compliance report
  • Q&A

Course duration: Half- day

For group bookings, please get in touch to discuss discounted rates. We offer bespoke courses, email us today to discuss your requirements and how this course could be tailored to your needs.

Useful for: The course is aimed for employees of independent connection providers (ICP), distribution network companies (DNOs), transmission network operators (TNOs), power project developers, and energy companies looking to connect their power plants in the UK and want to learn about the updated connection requirement related to harmonics.

What will I learn from this course? Attendees will gain a high-level overview of the changes coming in effect with EREC G5/5.

Pre-requisites: Knowledge of G5/4-1 is recommended to gain the most out of this training. However, if you wish us to prepare a bespoke training for your company covering the background to bring everyone to the same level before discussing the G5/5 requirements, feel free to drop us an email and let us know your requirements.

Course date: To register your interest for the course or to find out more information please email us training@tneigroup.com.