Energy Storage Training Course

Energy Storage Training Course

TNEI's Energy Storage course provides an insight into the energy storage devices including battery storage, covering energy storage technologies from multiple angles discussing the electrical, civil, financial and safety aspects


The course covers: 

  • Introduction to Energy Storage including technical drivers behind this technology and technical parameters
  • Grid connection for energy storage from G99 perspective
  • Types of storage devices and technologies available
  • Comparison of the technologies with respect to discharge time, MW rating, maximum life time, energy density and efficiency
  • Services that can be provided (high power vs high frequency)
  • Potential services such as: Fast frequency response, ramping, dynamic reactive response, fast-post fault active power recovery and arbitrage
  • Potential benefits to the network operators
  • What do battery sites look like and risks associated from civil engineering point of view
  • Business models and revenue streams
  • High level costs for Li-Ion batteries
  • System design including battery degradation and reactive power
  • Planning and environmental aspect
  • Site condition and site risks
  • Battery storage safety including hazards and thermal runaway

What will I learn from this course: This dedicated training course on energy storage will provide attendees with knowledge of various storage technologies available in the market. It is our aim that after this course the attendees will have a greater insight into energy storage technologies from technical aspects, related business models and revenue streams, technical and civil aspects, connection requirements as well as safety issues associated with battery storage devices.

The course gives a great opportunity to learn from highly experienced consultants in the energy storage sector with years of practical experience.

Pre-requisites: There are no pre-requisites for this course, however a knowledge of electrical energy would be useful.

Course duration: 1 day

Useful for: Utilities, developers, engineers, students, managers.

Course date: 7th July 2020 (delivered via online webinar)

Cost: £395 (exc VAT) per delegate.

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