TNEI smart monitoring - noise

Building upon our significant track record providing specialist acoustics services, we have developed an innovative noise monitoring solution.

A smart WindComply noise module, produced by our partner, expert technology provider, Visualwind, brings a new, smarter capability to our standard environmental noise monitoring systems. The WindComply module is used exclusively by TNEI and communicates with the wind farm supervision platform, WindSync to provide daily noise and rain data feeds.

The WindComply noise module includes the following key features:

  • Streamlined data collection to a secure cloud platform
  • Daily access to data and equipment status
  • Extremely low power consumption
  • Autonomous operation which can be left unattended for months
  • Automatic detection if the equipment knocked over
  • Rain logging
  • Small footprint to allow installation in residential property gardens
  • Class I sound level meters providing high resolution data, including audio files and 100ms 1/3 octave data for the assessment of noise levels, tonality and amplitude modulation
  • Wind farm noise specific wind shields for measurement in all weather conditions
  • Exclusive use of the equipment by TNEI, to deliver projects in a smarter way across the UK and further afield. 

Wind farm noise is the primary focus of the offering, as compliance monitoring assessments can sometimes be lengthy and expensive due to the requirement to collect data during a range of wind conditions for long periods and with regular site visits. During these compliance noise monitoring campaigns, wind farm operators often have to shut down production for hours, or even days, which can represent an expensive loss in production hours for the wind farm, making it imperative to confirm that the monitoring equipment is working before turbines are switched off. The smart platform enables synchronisation of noise, rain, wind and SCADA data.

Whatever your noise monitoring requirements, the TNEI team is well placed to provide expert support. Please email us or call 0191 211 1400 to find out how we can assist with your project.

For more information about our smart noise monitoring services, download our brochure.