Software packages

Software packages
The IPSA Power group has been producing specialist software for over 40 years. The original IPSA software tool started life as a research project at UMIST - now a part of Manchester University - back in 1975.

As part of specialist energy consultancy TNEI, we have broadened the range of tools we produce, and now provide software solutions for other parts of the power system industry.

IPSA software

IPSA is a comprehensive software product for the design, operation and analysis of electrical power systems.

Applicable to all levels of network models from transmission, distribution, offshore, ship design and industrial, IPSA is our main product and has been in continuous use since its inception.

IPSA Engines

The analysis engines used inside IPSA are available separately from the IPSA product and can be used as building blocks for other applications or called directly from spreadsheets. Get in touch to find out more [link].


FAPS is a specialist tool for modelling the effects of harmonics in multiphase power systems using a state of the art full-newton harmonic analysis algorithm. Developed in conjunction with our partners Alstom Transport and SNCF, it is being extensively applied to transport systems as well as being available for use in modelling complex harmonic interaction on HVDC and large rectifier systems such as Aluminimum Smelters.


EPP is a bespoke software application developed for automated distribution network expansion planning and calculation of use of system charges. Developed from a combination of new analysis modules and existing IPSA code, EPP provides a complete solution for all the different methodologies.

For more information about our standard and bespoke IPSA software packages, please contact us: