Site finding and appraisal

TNEI works closely with a range of parties interested in renewable energy developments to offer site finding services across the UK, including wind farm developers or owners of a land portfolio, and solar PV developers. These same skills and datasets can easily be applied to a range of other technologies.

GIS sieve analysis

Our approach is guided by our clients and their requirements, as well as the area of search to agree a number of ‘filter’ criteria, which are then applied using a GIS mapping exercise. The output of this mapping exercise will be a list and map showing areas of land that are within the set parameters.

Initial review and assessment

This phase of work can be broken down into a number of sub-phases depending on the size of the area of search and client requirements. The objective of this phase is to review or reduce further, the areas of land identified in the sieving exercise.

Wind turbine constraints in particular can be numerous, complex and ever changing, so the interpretation of such constraints can be challenging. This is where the TNEI team can make a professional assessment of the land’s potential to host a development; balancing both development risk and potential benefits to deliver an assessment that aligns with the client’s investment analysis criteria.

Detailed assessment and landowner approaches

We work closely with our clients to deliver a bespoke package of work to meet their requirements. From detailed layout creation, to landowner identification and approaches, TNEI has the relevant capabilities to provide a competitive and effective service.

For more information, please contact us or download our GIS and mapping services brochure