Ports and near shore noise assessments

The TNEI Technical Team is experienced in undertaking environmental in-air noise assessments for marine based activities, having worked on a variety of projects, including port extensions, dredging, revetment construction, land reclamation, offshore asset decommissioning and interconnector and offshore wind farm export cable shore landings.

We have worked on projects across the UK and overseas using a variety of standards and criteria, including:

•    World Bank IFC Environmental Performance Standards
•    Equator principals, ESIA and EIA
•    British Standards and ISO Standards
•    World Health Organization Guidelines
•    National and Local Government Legislation and requirements

Recent projects of note include:

Umm Qasr Port, Iraq - Yard 5 Port Expansion ESIA

Located on the Al-Faw peninsula about 50km south of Basra, Umm Qasr is Iraq’s largest sea port and only deep-water port. TNEI was commissioned to author the noise chapter of the Yard 5 Port expansion ESIA, which involved coordination and training of external staff for baseline sound level monitoring and the noise propagation modelling of both the construction and operation of a new container terminal and roll-on roll-off facility.
A complex, operational noise model was produced, incorporating a number of Mobile Harbour Cranes (MHCs), Ship to Shore (STS) cranes and Rubber Tyre Gantry (RTG) cranes, as well as on site power generation, HGV’s, container handlers and over 600 reefer containers.

Aberdeen Offshore Wind Farm – Export Cable Landing

Combining a mixture of noise propagation modelling and on-site noise level monitoring, TNEI provided VBMS (Boskalis) with appropriate reports to gain consent from Marine Scotland for 24 hour dredging and winching operations. The works were necessary to land two export cables from the wind farm and connect them up to the jointing bay located on the far side of the beach close to residential properties. The work was time critical as the cable laying vessel was already in position offshore, and tidal and weather constraints meant that the vessel’s available operational window was very short.  Thanks to our large stock of equipment and a flexible team, TNEI managed to mobilise very quickly and turn the work around within three days from the point of commissioning to delivery of the report.

Port of Cromarty Firth - PPC Application

TNEI provided a Noise Impact Assessment to support the PPC Permit (Part A) application for oil and gas offshore asset decommissioning works. A number of activities were modelled: Load In, Soft Strip, Break Up, Separation, Site Clean and Load Out. In addition, several scenarios were considered so that the decommissioning activities could occur in various locations within the port and with several activities occurring concurrently.
The final report also included an analysis of baseline noise levels around the port, ranking of sound level sources and a Best Available Techniques (BAT) assessment.

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