Offshore wind

TNEI has been involved in wind energy since 1999, when The Northern Energy Initiative (TNEI) began pioneering research into renewables.

TNEI provides specialist power system design and analysis services for offshore wind farm projects of any size, utilising VSC HVDC as well as long AC cables for power transmission.

We are involved in all aspects of grid connection applications (to enable the wind farm developer to connect with the transmission or distribution network) and electrical system design of offshore wind farms, ranging from technical due diligence on next generation technology, specific technical studies, through to full system concept design and Front End Engineering Design (FEED).

Our extensive experience in modelling the power characteristics of offshore generation technologies and the implications on grid capacity, stability and technology choice has been used to support technical evaluation of tender responses and technology due diligence, in particular as part of the transitional OFTO process. In the process of this work, we have developed software tools to analyse the trade-offs between capital cost, operation and maintenance costs, losses and reliability / availability of different wind turbine array topologies. We have excellent relations with key electrical technology suppliers, including the critical VSC HVDC technologies.

We have participated in several industry initiatives to evaluate the applicability of offshore HVDC technologies and optimal offshore network configuration, from a technological, financial, operational and regulatory perspective. One such example is the engineering work package of the ISLES project for the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scottish Governments. This included the development of Life Cycle Cost models for offshore wind farms to provide justification for capital expenditure against operational and maintenance plans; together with consideration of network reliability and availability, power losses and the cost of energy not delivered.

Our comprehensive offshore wind services include:

  • Acoustics and noise services
  • Technical assessments and shadow flicker
  • Front End Engineering Design (FEED)
  • Power system analysis
  • Grid connection
  • Due diligence
  • Modelling
  • Earthing system design
  • Equipment modelling
  • Training
  • Soil resistivity and electrode resistance measurements.

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