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Issue 21, November 2019

  • Simplified planning system for electricity storage
  • Offshore Contracts for Difference
  • Capacity Market update
  • The Future of Balancing Services
  • FES Winter Outlook

Issue 20, September 2019

  • Updates to Targeted Charging Review (TCR)
  • Recent National Grid Future Energy Scenarios Publication
  • Decision Pending on Ofgem Energy Storage Consultation
  • Uncertainty in the Capacity Market
  • National Grid Power Outage Report Published

Issue 19, February 2019

  • Consultation on the energy storage planning process
  • Increased grid costs for generators – Targeted Charging Review (TCR)
  • RIIO-2 under development

Issue 18, July 2018

  • Restoration product roadmap
  • I-SEM to be introduced in Ireland
  • Reactive power and Restoration product roadmaps published
  • Updates from the June SWS Developer Forum