Updates from the June SWS Developer Forum

4 Jul 2018

TNEI attended Scottish Power’s South West Scotland and Dumfries & Galloway developer forum in June in Glasgow. National Grid was also in attendance to discuss details of the Generation Export Management (GEMS) scheme which is set to be implemented in 2022. Technical specification requirements for this scheme are still being refined and SP currently plan to start the tender process in 2019.

Wider balancing market access was also covered, which will be introduced as part of the European Electricity Balancing Guideline (EBGL) to create a pan-European balancing market. This will also open up the balancing market to embedded generation, aggregators and demand side. NGET had a discussion to gather feedback from stakeholders and discuss how it is planned to interact with the GEMS scheme.

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Key contact

Alex Ikonic, Graduate Consultant

Alex Ikonic

Technical Consultant

Alex has an MEng in Electrical Engineering with Renewable Energy from the University of Edinburgh. She works within the Developer Support Team on a range of grid connections projects, regularly advising developers on grid connection strategies, and project construction timescales and costs for both distribution and transmission connections. She has worked on a number of capacity searches across DNO areas, covering different technologies and connection capacities. She often liaises with DNOs and NGET to help progress projects and has helped clients with connection applications. Her focus has primarily been on onshore wind but she has worked on solar, battery storage, marine energy and EV projects. Alex also oversees in-house cost estimation tools for grid connections which are used in feasibility and due diligence work, as well as having recently become involved with the DCUSA project.