TNEI’s new logo isn’t just a pretty face!

TNEI is an independent specialist energy consultancy providing technical, strategic, environmental and consenting advice to organisations operating within the conventional and renewable energy sectors.

Our new look for 2017 is not only modern and fresh, but the four circles represent the four key areas of our organisation:

  • Power systems services
  • Environmental and consenting services
  • Power systems software (based on IPSA2)
  • Our growing international business.

Why change the logo?

IPSA has been providing software to the power industry for over 40 years, widening into a consultancy and becoming TNEI Services Ltd in 2004. In 2016, we divested from Petrofac, becoming an independent company after having been acquired in 2010.

Our company has always been very well known and respected in the renewables industry, but there have been a lot of changes in the UK renewables market in the last few years and as a result, our consultancy services have had to change too. As such, we have diversified into new areas, using our very specialist technical and environmental skills to support clients through their projects from innovation to delivery, as well as using our extensive experience in renewables and smart grids in the UK to support clients around the world.

These developments represent a new chapter in our journey and it seems fitting to refresh our logo, as well as our website, brochures and other materials to reflect this.

Who is TNEI?

We are proud to be a specialist, independent company. That’s why we can offer a flexible, personal service and help our clients quickly and efficiently, without all the big corporate distractions. But most of all, we love to solve problems.

For more information about our services and power systems software, please visit, email us or call 0161 233 4800.