TNEI submit joint consultation response and meet with Government regarding proposed updates to the Irish wind farm noise guidelines (WEDG)

2 Mar 2020

On 19th February TNEI’s James Mackay submitted a joint consultation response to the Irish Government regarding a draft update to the Wind Energy Development Guidelines. The joint submission was prepared by a number of acousticians involved with the measurement and assessment of wind farm noise and sets out a number of technical concerns regarding the proposed update. You can view the joint submission here

On the 25th February four members of the acousticians group, including TNEI’s James Mackay, attended a meeting with Government to expand on the points raised in the submission. After the meeting, Jim Singleton noted: “Our group is made up of acousticians who act for various stakeholders including Councils, developers and resident groups. Our joint submission focused on the technical aspects of the proposed update, of which there are a numbers of areas that cause us significant concern and we feel require amendment. The final guidelines must be clear, robust and future proof and we hope that Government carefully review our submission with this in mind. We would be very happy to assist during any additional consultation Government choose to undertake, to ensure that the Guidelines are fit for purpose.”

If you would like to understand how the proposed update could impact your organisation, or if you have any questions regarding the content of the joint response, please contact James or Jim.

About the author:

James Mackay is Director of Site Services who, since joining TNEI in 2006, has been involved in the measurement, prediction and assessment of a wide range of noise sources in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. James specialises in the assessment of wind farm noise has undertaken or overseen wind farm noise assessment for projects with a total generating capacity of more than 4 GW. Our Site Services team provides wind farm noise support to a range of clients including; wind farm developers and operators, local residents, Local Authorities and the Scottish Government’s Energy Consents Unit. If you would like to discuss the issues raised in this article please contact James on +44 (0)191 211414 or via