TNEI Business Continuity Update

18 Mar 2020

Like all businesses TNEI are taking the Coronavirus threat very seriously. We have already issued internal instructions to all of our staff about how to best safeguard their own health and safety and have a contingency plan in place, which we are live testing this week, to allow all of our staff from each of our offices to work from home if that is required.

Our IT systems are secure and robust and any communications and file use will be done over a secure Virtual Private Network which will ensure security of data. All laptop hard drives are encrypted too.

We are advising all staff against all non-essential travel and have enabled facilities to be able to communicate and meet virtually with clients where face to face contact is not possible.

All of our clients remain very important to us and we will endeavour to be able to continue to provide whatever help and assistance they may require, albeit some of this may now not be on a face to face basis – but rather by remote communications, until this crisis is over. All of our systems remain fully functioning and we can report that so far, no staff have shown any signs of having contracted the coronavirus and if they do, they have been told to stay at home and self-quarantine for the required 14 days recommended. The breadth and depth of experience in our staff ensures that even if project critical staff are taken ill, there are other staff who can fill in, if required.

We will of course co-operate fully with any requirements of our clients – particularly the re-scheduling of face to face meetings due to their own coronavirus policies – and will look to work with clients as best as is possible under such unusual circumstances to continue to support them as we have done previously.

If you have any concerns or questions please do not hesitate to contact our Resources and Operations Director, Nilanga Jayawarna, her contact details are given below.


Mobile: +44 (0)78 08038094

May I thank you for your forbearance at this difficult time for everyone.


Nigel Tate


TNEI Services Ltd.