NGESO Distributed Restart Annual Conference

6 Feb 2020

Last week Charlotte Higgins, Dieter Gütschow and Stephanie Hay represented TNEI at the NGESO Distributed Restart Annual Conference in London. The 3-year project kicked off in 2019 and is a partnership between National Grid Electricity System Operator (ESO), SP Energy Networks (SPEN) and TNEI. The project has been awarded £10.3 million of Network Innovation Competition (NIC) funding.

Distributed ReStart explores how Distributed Energy Resources (DER) in Great Britain can be used to restore power in the highly unlikely event of a total or partial blackout of the National Electricity Transmission System. The annual conference was very well attended providing a great opportunity to focus on deliverables across all workstreams. We saw a wide range of representatives from the industry attend including generators and flexibility providers, BEIS, Ofgem, ENA, various electricity network operators as well as academics.

TNEI’s Innovation Lead and project steering committee member Charlotte Higgins delivered a presentation at the conference focussing on the stakeholder engagement that had already taken place and discussed the capability of non-traditional providers to participate in Black Start and restoration services. The project is making good progress and testing is already taking place through development and exploration of concepts and designs in the Power Engineering and Trials workstream, leading into actual live trials starting this summer.  

Feedback on the project so far is positive and it was great to hear that many generators and flexibility providers are keen to get involved. There were some interesting discussions around communications infrastructure and resilience (these will be considered in detail in Distributed Restart and the project team will be coordinating with other industry work such as Open Networks). 

Project plans for the year ahead include completing detailed power systems analysis and initial live testing and demonstration trials from Summer 2020. Design work on procurement, organisational and systems workstreams and getting ready for full demonstrations in 2021. As always project members will be seeking engagement from key stakeholders as part of the project. We look forward to sharing progress made at next year’s annual conference, and look out for updates from us and project partners NGESO and SPEN in the meantime.   

If you want to know more about TNEI’s involvement in the project or have any questions, please get in touch