Increased grid costs for generators a Targeted Charging Review (TCR)

11 Feb 2019
Targeted Charging Review (TCR)

Ofgem are proposing to change the structure of Use of System (UoS) charges; the process that governs the allocation of charges to network uses. These charges cover the cost of operating and maintaining the electricity network. These charges – levied according to size, connection voltage, and user location – also pay for a range of other activities undertaken by the system operator, distribution network operators, and transmission owners. Currently, a portion of these charges are disbursed as payments to certain network users and are referred to as Embedded Benefits. The proposed changes were published in Ofgem’s recent Targeted Charging Review (TCR) public consultation.

The proposed changes could have a significant impact on a project’s financial model, specifically to operating expenditure on annual grid connection charges for operational generators. It is a distinct possibility that, on average, UoS charges will increase for most generators as a result of these proposals and certain UoS charges, which are a currently a revenue source for embedded generators, could become a cost.

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Key contact

Jonathan Oguntona

Jonathan Oguntona

Senior Consultant and Grid Connections Lead

Jonathan is a Senior Consultant and Grid Connections Lead with 10 years’ experience working as an electrical engineer and grid connection specialist. Jonathan has experience managing the delivery of grid connections for onshore wind, large biomass and battery energy storage projects within the UK. He has also overseen the delivery and construction of Contestable Works. He also has significant experience in power systems analysis specifically providing power quality grid compliance studies (P28 &Harmonics). Jonathan has good communication skills and has provided technical, commercial and regulatory advice to clients. He has significant project management experience, and a pragmatic approach to problem solving.