Final Consenting Amendments at Drakelow Renewable Energy Centre as Development Continues to Progress Well

Drakelow Energy from Waste
19 Nov 2020

TNEI originally helped obtain planning permission for the under-construction energy from waste plant at Drakelow in 2015 having coordinated the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and planning application process.

Since then various amendments to the consented design have been required as a result of the detailed engineering design process. TNEI have enabled these having successfully worked with Vital Energi to update environmental assessments and obtain permission for non-material and material amendments working closely with planning officers at Derbyshire District Council. A new planning permission has been granted which incorporates the changes that have been made and progress onsite throughout 2020 has been excellent.

You can read more about the Drakelow Energy from Waste project on the Vital Energi website.

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