Dr. Muhammad Ali presents at the Renewable Energy Conference in Taiwan

TNEI Senior Consultant Dr. Muhammad Ali, presented at the recent Renewable Energy Conference on Grid Code and Planning of Renewable Energy in Taipei.

He was invited to present on the topic of grid code compliance requirements in the UK and lessons learnt. Taiwan aims to achieve 20% of total power output by renewable energy by 2025, and to reach this target, offshore wind is regarded as one of the most attractive renewable energy sources. It is expected that 3GW of offshore wind capacity will be installed by 2025.

This conference aimed to share the knowledge and experience gained in Europe for large-scale integration of renewables into the electrical network.

Ali’s presentation began with a discussion on the basic design of an offshore wind farm, and briefly touched on the importance of a robust reactive power strategy. The presentation then discussed in detail, some of the technical Grid code connection requirements for offshore wind farms connecting in the UK. In this section he covered reactive power capability, voltage control, fault-ride through and harmonic requirements. Towards the end of the presentation, he discussed the experiences from grid code compliance studies, lessons learnt and gave a brief comparison of the fault ride through requirements in Europe.

The speakers at the conference came from the Danish utility, Consultants from Singapore, a leading inverter manufacturer from China, TNEI and from Taiwan Power Company. The audience included officials from the Taiwanese power company, university professors, research institute officials, developers and students. Ali received excellent feedback from his presentation, impressing many delegates with his deep technical knowledge and ability to communicate this clearly to a diverse, international audience. 

For more information on TNEI’s experience in this area, please do not hesitate to contact Ali or a member of the team on +44(0)161 233 4800.