Distributed ReStart Project progress report released

15 Jul 2019

The Distributed ReStart project (formerly known as Black Start from DER) is a Network Innovation Competition funded project that aims to recommend technical, organisational and commercial solutions to create market access for distributed energy resources (DERs) to participate. This will increase competition in the market and deliver reductions in both cost and carbon emissions.

Black Start is the process of restoring power to consumers and restarting the whole of the electricity system, in the event of a blackout. It is envisaged this project will demonstrate a world first – coordinating a bottom-up approach from distribution networks to transmission level to provide a safe and effective Black Start service.

Project description Black Start is currently a transmission-led approach of starting large generators and energising a skeleton transmission network. The GB electricity system is undergoing a revolution driven by decarbonisation and decentralisation and Black Start services need to evolve accordingly. The key problem that this project aims to resolve is how to compose the organisational coordination, the commercial and regulatory frameworks, and the power engineering solutions together to achieve Black Start from DER.

This latest report provides a summary of progress across all project workstreams from January 2019 – June 2019.

View the report here.

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