DC arrays investigation carried out by TNEI for The Carbon Trust and Offshore Wind Accelerator (OWA)

Offshore wind

On behalf of the Carbon Trust and Offshore Wind Accelerator (OWA), TNEI has undertaken a fresh investigation into the feasibility of DC arrays as a means of connecting offshore wind farms. The premise of DC arrays is to use medium voltage DC (MVDC) array cables rather than conventional 66kV or 33kV AC array cables to connect each wind turbine to the offshore substation(s). This has been a subject of ongoing research by academic and industry bodies looking at cost reduction opportunities for offshore renewables for many years, including the OWA in their original DC Array project in 2011.

This Refresh Study considers the advancements in DC technology in the intervening years. This report contains a high-level summary of the findings from the study. Click here to download a copy or contact us for more information. 

Key contact

Stephanie Hay

Principal Consultant

Stephanie Hay is a Principal Consultant and Networks & Innovation Team Lead for TNEI’s Scottish office in Glasgow. She has been a power systems consultant for 7 years and she has significant experience in electrical system studies, analysis and software packages. She is experienced in undertaking grid connection studies for network planning and impact assessments on networks ranging from large trans-continental transmission systems to small island networks. She also has vast experience in carrying out grid compliance assessments for onshore and offshore generation connections, and studying the wider impacts of renewable generation integration on wider network operation and control.