The countdown to COP26

22 Apr 2021

Today, the 22nd of April 2021, is Earth Day, and also 193 days until the start of COP26 in Glasgow.

If you are reading this it means you probably follow TNEI on social media and/or involved in the energy sector. If you are in the energy sector you will be very aware of the significant challenges we are facing to decarbonise our energy sector and all of the hard work that is going in to drive toward net zero.

Whilst emissions associated with electricity generation often (quite rightly) gets lots of media attention, it is of course only part of the challenge and is just one of the topics that will be discussed by the world in Glasgow in November.

If you would like an introduction / recap into some of the wider challenges associated with achieving net zero (or something to listen to whilst gardening / taking the dog for a walk / waiting for the kids to finish football training) we would recommend the BBC’s Costing the Earth episode called ‘How to Halve Emissions by 2030’.

The thirty-minute piece touches on the potential for hydrogen, consideration of carbon sinks, low carbon transport, the role than oil and gas companies will need to play, the need for a just energy transition, the importance of land use (including farming and peatlands), carbon trading and how green finance can play its part to encourage the transition.

The episode concludes by highlighting the need for us to ‘battle for every ratchet of ambition’, the changes need to be made at a policy level, an institutional level and at a personal level too. It is great to see events like Earth Day and COP26 pressuring Governments to act and to see the UK responding by bringing forward the UK’s target for reducing carbon emission by 15 years.

TNEI’s Climate Action Group meet monthly to ensure we are doing what we can to reduce our emissions and our wider environmental impacts. Recent changes include:

  • Switching suppliers for our office consumables
  • Offsetting emissions associated with travel and energy use (whilst implementing policies to reduce them)
  • Discussions about the best way to satisfy our teams insatiable appetite for coffee (!) in the most sustainable way.

Over next few months we will continue our countdown to COP26 with a series of articles introducing our Climate Action Group (many of whom are volunteering at COP26) and discussing how TNEI is helping lead the energy industry in a low carbon future.

If you want to want to know more about what TNEIs Climate Action Group are doing or if you have any ideas and suggestions that we should consider, please get in touch.