Constrained Renewables and Green Hydrogen Study – Read our Findings

12 Oct 2018
Hydrogen Economy Scotland

Yesterday, Scottish Enterprise published the results of a study examining the nature of grid constraints and onshore wind curtailment in Scotland, and investigating whether the production of green hydrogen via electrolysis could represent a cost-effective approach to mitigating this issue.

The work was undertaken by TNEI in partnership with Pure Energy Centre and will feed into Scottish Enterprise’s strategic approach to the Hydrogen sector over the coming years.

You can read the full report here.

Hydrogen is a key area of focus for the Scottish Enterprise Energy Team at the moment, and the Constrained Renewables and Green Hydrogen study was commissioned in part to help inform Scottish Enterprise’s strategic approach to the potential emergence of a hydrogen economy in Scotland.

Key contact

Stephanie Hay

Principal Consultant

Stephanie Hay is a Principal Consultant and Networks & Innovation Team Lead for TNEI’s Scottish office in Glasgow. She has been a power systems consultant for 7 years and she has significant experience in electrical system studies, analysis and software packages. She is experienced in undertaking grid connection studies for network planning and impact assessments on networks ranging from large trans-continental transmission systems to small island networks. She also has vast experience in carrying out grid compliance assessments for onshore and offshore generation connections, and studying the wider impacts of renewable generation integration on wider network operation and control.