Low carbon transport

We can assist in a wide variety of low carbon transport projects, ranging from those involving electric vehicles for public transport to refuelling and recharging infrastructure. 

Drawing on the wide range of skills from across our teams, we are able to provide the following services:
  • Planning consent for low carbon transport infrastructure: TNEI has extensive experience in obtaining planning consent for a wide range of energy projects including the consent of numerous low carbon refuelling stations and associated infrastructure across the UK. Drawing from this knowledge and experience, a comprehensive approach to low carbon transport projects enables a strong planning strategy to be developed to ensure the aspirations of our client can be met. 
  • Site finding and grid capacity assessments: We can provide site finding services for low carbon transport charging stations which combines GIS environmental location assessment with grid capacity studies. This intuitive approach helps to locate optimum, viable sites in terms of their physical environmental impact as well as their ability to connect into the grid network.
  • Evaluation and advice on transport opportunities: In addition to the technical services we offer, TNEI is also experienced in carrying out market and socio-economic impact assessments for new and emerging technologies, such as low carbon transport. Governmental organisations and local planning authorities often seek expert consultancy advice in order to inform strategy, which is reliant on the findings from these non-technical assessments. 

In the context of transport opportunities, TNEI can investigate the following:

  • Fuel types, vehicle types and efficiency measures
  • Charging and refuelling infrastructures and the associated supply chain
  • Impacts of this infrastructure on the wider energy landscape
  • Manufacturing services for the transport sector. 

For more information on our low carbon transport services and how we can help with your project, please get in touch