Power Systems Software Developer

Software Developer

Location: Manchester 

Salary: Competitive

IPSA Power (www.ipsa-power.com) develops and maintains IPSA, a power system analysis tool, and other products based on it. IPSA Power is part of TNEI (www.tneigroup.com), an independent specialist energy consultancy providing technical, strategic, planning and environmental advice to companies and organisations operating within the energy sector.  TNEI have four offices, three in the UK - Manchester, Newcastle upon Tyne and Glasgow and one in Cape Town in South Africa. The small dedicated software team that develops IPSA is based in Manchester.

To ensure business integrity we are seeking to add a power systems software developer to the team to support, develop and maintain our power analysis products. The successful candidate will be part of a small team working in this area but would be supported by other power systems engineers, project managers and admin staff.  

The Requirements

The main role is the support, development and maintenance of a cross-platform mixed language code base, supporting multiple tools and commercial products in the fields of studying electrical power systems. 

In addition to software skills, as this role will be as part of a small team that has to develop products to meet client needs in the Power sector. It is important that the candidate has a power systems background and an excellent client focus and is able to understand and interpret the requirements of clients planning and operating electricity networks. This would include engaging proactively with clients to deliver new business opportunities as well as maintaining current relationships, undertaking and managing project work, writing and reviewing documents and reports. 

Their responsibilities would include:

•    Providing telephone and email support to users in a timely manner.
•    Developing new features on existing products to a high level of technical competency. 
•    Manage their own time and deliver agreed scopes of work on time/budget, managing client or internal expectations and scope changes as required. 
•    The ability to work independently is expected, whilst discussing elements of the work openly to share lessons learnt and expert knowledge or experience.
•    Define work scopes for others to undertake work on the projects they are managing.
•    Ensure all work is reviewed at appropriate stages to ensure quality and consistency. 
•    Identify risks within their projects, communicating regularly with the rest of the project team and elevating any issues to Project Director or Commercial Director if support is required.
•    Consider their impact on health and safety, quality and environment.

Outline description

Essential skills:
•    C++ - This is the main language used in all our applications. A deep understanding of object-oriented programming techniques and the use of the standard library is required.
•    Linux – Our web-based products and recent server based applications are all implemented on Linux. Experience of software development, administration and general use of Linux systems is required. 
•    Power systems background with an understanding and experience in IPSA or other similar power systems analysis tools
•    Excellent attention to detail
•    Comfortable interpreting and understanding initially unfamiliar concepts. 
•    An ability to understand and explain abstract concepts in a clear way to technical and non-technical audiences.   

Useful skills:
•    Qt – A good working knowledge of this cross-platform C++ application framework.
•    Fortran – This is the programming language that most of our core engineering analysis libraries are written in.
•    Python – This scripting language is used to provide user programming features.
•    Javascript - The 'glue' in our web-based products.
•    OpenGL – This is used for high speed graphics for large network diagram modelling.
•    HTML5 and CSS – The core languages used in our web-based products.
•    SQL - MySQL and SQLite variants. Databases are increasingly at the heart of systems we are developing. 
•    Wix toolset or similar tools (Installshield etc.) that are used for building Windows installer packages.
•    Experience in the electricity/energy sector including an appreciation of the challenges facing network operators both in the UK or internationally.

If you are interested in applying, please send your CV to maria.smith@tneigroup.com by Monday 30th April 2018.