Innovation and Data Science Solutions

Electricity systems are undergoing a period of rapid and significant change to enable a Net Zero future. This is being accelerated through the 3Ds: Decarbonisation, Decentralisation and Digitalisation. A radical shift is taking place in electricity network planning and operational philosophy, thus creating a range of new challenges and opportunities.

More broadly, the power sector is transitioning to a “whole system” approach, requiring more innovative regulation and governance. This requires the development of innovative technical, commercial and operational approaches. Many of these will be novel and risky and some may not turn out to be feasible but this can only be established through the process of innovation.

TNEI is a leader in the development and delivery of innovative electricity network solutions, enabling the transition to a low carbon future. We transform concepts into solutions. Our expertise provides clients with bespoke modelling and software analysis solutions that are focused on generating value for our clients.

TNEI has an extensive track record in electricity systems innovation and are involved in world leading innovation projects that are changing future network design, operation, markets and regulation. We are technical experts in the design and operation of power systems and this is complemented by a strong understanding of the regulatory and commercial environment. We also provide predictive and prescriptive data-driven analytics solutions based on emerging statistical techniques such as machine learning and the field of Bayesian statistics.

TNEI has a proprietary power system software IPSA2 which we build upon to develop custom software models and tools that can provide insights into evolving electricity network behavior.