Industry papers

TNEI staff regularly share their experience and expertise at industry conferences, including the preparation of supporting papers. Below is a selection of our recent industry papers for you to peruse. If anything is of particular interest, please get in touch with us to find out how we can assist your projects. 

Scottish Renewables Storage and Systems Conference presentations

SR's Storage and Systems Conference took place in Glasgow on 21st June 2017. Download the presentations and find TNEI's Alan Mason's presentation on battery co-location and wind turbine auxiliary power on slide 88. Les King from Doosan Babcock, Konstantinos Pierros from Enercon and Richard Molloy from Eaton Electric also presented at this conference. 

Scottish Renewables Onshore Wind Conference presentations

You can find Catherine Cleary's presentation on improving the network on slide 58 of the SR Onshore Wind proceedings. Other speakers at this event included Dan Thomas from Banks Renewables, Paul Wheelhouse, MSP, Minister for Business, Innovation and Energy and Laura Nicholson from Local Energy Scotland. 

SR Feasibility and Site Selection: Electricity Storage CPD Seminar presentations

Download the presentations from the recent Scottish Renewables electricty storage seminar, sponsored by TNEI. Speakers included Gary Bartlett from Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks, Euan Norris from Scottish Power Energy Networks, Anthony Price from Swanbarton, Nick Brown from Land Use Consultants, Richard Turbull and Matthew Grimwood from TLT and Catherine Cleary from TNEI. 

Ofgem international review of cost recovery issues

This report, written by TNEI and CEPA considers how other jurisdictions have addressed challenges emerging from their system of residual network charging, looking in detail at experiences in Autrailia (Queensland and Victoria), the US (California and Nevada), Italy, Spain and the Netherlands.

Click here to download the report


The use of proxy measurements to determine wind farm noise compliance - what are the options and is there a need for further guidance?

TNEI presented a paper at the Institute of Acoustics' annual conference earlier this year: The use of proxy measurements to determine wind farm noise compliance - what are the options and is there a need for further guidance?

As more wind farms are built in the UK the requirement for noise compliance monitoring is increasing. Compliance monitoring is usually undertaken for one of three reasons: 1) the wind farm operator undertakes the assessment voluntarily as part post commissioning works; 2) monitoring is required to satisfy a planning condition; or, 3) monitoring is required following receipt of a complaint relating to noise. 

This paper was authored by James Mackay, Moise Coulon and Jason Baldwin. 

Click here to download the paper. 

Integration of Storage into a Renewables Portfolio to Optimise Revenue and Grid Connection Utilisation

TNEI recently presented an industry paper on the integration of storage into a renewables portfolio to optimise revenue and grid connection utilisation at the 6th Solar Integration Workshop in Vienna. This paper was authored by Sarah Weatherhead, Gordon McFazdean, Catherine Cleary and Liz Russell. 

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