Energy storage services

Energy storage can be used to balance the grid on a range of timescales, from shifting the daytime peaks of solar generation towards peak demand times, to managing frequency on a second-by-second basis. Storage technologies can also reduce the need for network reinforcement, and improve the power quality on the grid.

In a world with increasing renewable generation, a rising need for grid ancillary services, and falling costs of storage technologies, this sector is expanding rapidly.

Our experts offer support for a range of projects, including large-scale storage providing grid ancillary services, storage co-located with renewables, and early-stage advice for developers seeking to understand the storage market. We combine power systems design and engineering, commercial, regulatory, consenting and environmental expertise.

Our comprehensive energy storage services include:

  • Site finding
  • Grid connection support
  • Advice on revenue streams and market and regulatory developments
  • Bespoke training on energy storage
  • Independent analysis of the business case for an energy storage system
  • Review and advice on technical and functional specifications
  • Relationship building with relevant stakeholders
  • Advice on electrical, mechanical and civil design of storage projects
  • Grid compliance studies.

Whatever your energy storage project requirements, the TNEI team is well placed to provide you with expert support. Please get in touch to find out what we can offer, or download our brochure