Electricity Networks

TNEI has in-depth knowledge and expertise in electrical networks, encompassing planning, design, modelling and analysis. The team also has an excellent grasp of the regulatory aspects of the electricity system, and the mechanisms that are in place to support it.

We can support Network and System Operators and a range of other clients across a wide range of network services, including:

  • Transmission and distribution network modelling (from EHV transmission down to LV)
  • Development of network master plans
  • Integration studies for generation and other technologies, such as energy storage or STATCOMs
  • Curtailment assessment of renewable generation
  • Interconnection of bulk power grids
  • Power system steady-state and security analysis
  • Power system stability and controllability assessment
  • Compliance with industry codes and standards
  • Technical due diligence of renewable generation
  • Strategic planning advice
  • Market assessments for new technologies
  • Advice and assurance on regulatory mechanisms
  • Network charging.
For more information, please contact our expert:

Stephanie Hay

Director of Networks and Innovation