Consenting, permitting and environmental management

Our consenting and permitting services cover shale gas, methane, oil and liquid natural gas (LNG) projects.

Areas for exploration and extraction must be carefully considered, mitigation needs to be meaningful and public consultation has to be timely and genuine if proposals are to be favourably received by local communities, protection agencies and mineral planning authorities.

TNEI has the knowledge and experience to actively manage onshore oil and gas proposals through the planning, pollution prevention and control systems of England, Scotland and Wales.

Our comprehensive range of consenting and permitting services includes:

  • Initial site investigations and landowner identifications, undertaking geological and hydro-geological assessments to aid a selection of target areas for exploration. We also engage with landowners to secure future access for investigation and operation.
  • Site appraisals to establish the design parameters against which the environmental, social and economic effects can be assessed. This allows the incorporation of appropriate and effective mitigation measures to make proposals acceptable to decision makers.
  • Community consultations to build and manage relationships and establish trust. TNEI’s approach is meaningful, timely and consistent with local and national government expectations.  We can design and deliver bespoke community consultation programmes
  • Environmental Impact Assessments, risk assessments and awareness statements, conducted by  in-house environmental, acoustics, GIS and civil engineering experts. TNEI is accredited under the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment’s Quality Mark scheme.
  • Management of consenting and environmental permitting and applications through the UK’s planning and pollution prevention and control systems.

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