Commercial and residential noise assessment

Acoustics and noise are becoming increasingly important in the design and specification of new commercial, residential and mixed use developments. This has been driven in part by changes in planning legislation, but is also a major consideration in the implementation of sustainable development, particularly through schemes such as BREEAM.

TNEI’s technical team has considerable experience across a range of sectors and have worked on projects ranging from master planning of mixed use developments, through to acoustic design of specialist spaces.

Typical acoustics and noise consultancy services include:

  • Site suitability assessments and master planning
  • Assessments of proposed developments on existing residential receptors
  • Assessments of existing noise sources on proposed noise sensitive developments (housing, care homes, hospitals, etc.)
  • Façade and glazing configurations
  • Sound insulation specification
  • Speech intelligibility and privacy assessments
  • Calculation of internal noise levels from mechanical ventilation systems
  • Calculation of reverberation times and acoustic design of specialist spaces
  • Impact assessment of road and rail traffic (noise and vibration)
  • Construction noise assessments, noise monitoring and control.

All of our technical team members are affiliated with the Institute of Acoustics, coming from both public and private sector backgrounds and regularly acting as Expert Witnesses.

We have been involved in various projects for planning consultancies, architects and developers. Master planning projects of note include Inverness Campus, the Heart of Walker Development and the European Marine Science Park near Oban. Our residential work ranges from a few units through to large scale projects, such as Newcastle Great Park, a development of almost 4,000 homes.

For more information on how we can assist you with your commercial, residential or mixed use projects please get in touch.