Case studies

Project location: South Africa Principal Development type: Wind and PV Solar Sector: Renewables Project Dates: 2020 PROJECT DESCRIPTION TNEI was commissioned to perform a large-scale... read more
Client: Mphepo Power Ltd Project location: Zambia Principal Development type: Wind Farm Sector: Renewables Project Dates: 2020 PROJECT DESCRIPTION TNEI was appointed to perform a... read more
Project location: Eastern Cape Municipality, South Africa Principal Development type: SSEG Sector: Renewables PROJECT DESCRIPTION In early 2021 TNEI Africa (Pty) Ltd was appointed to... read more
TNEI was appointed to identify any risks associated with integrating a proposed wind farm in the Zambian network. The tasks included meetings with local utility ZESCO, identification of potential... read more
TNEI investigated issues regarding control accuracies for two solar PV plants. Renewable power plants smaller than 20 MW are classified as Category B plants, according to the South African grid code... read more
TNEI team members were part of the power quality work group appointed to review the compliance criteria for renewable plants connecting to the South African network. This gives TNEI a clear... read more
TNEI carried out a strategic, high-level, Cable Route Optioneering Study to support the connection of proposed offshore renewable infrastructure to onshore grid connection points. This project... read more
Since 2012, TNEI has been part of a framework providing ongoing technical support to the Network Planning & Regulation teams in SPD (Scotland) and SPM (Manweb), covering the EHV and HV... read more
TNEI, as part of a larger consortium, was commissioned to provide support to address specific operational concerns identified in the grid systems of a number of Pacific Island countries. These issues... read more
The brief Distributed ReStart aims to resolve how to bring together the organisational coordination, the commercial and regulatory frameworks, and the power engineering solutions to achieve Black... read more
The brief Smart metering can provide a much better understanding of the impact of changing customer behaviour and new low carbon technologies such as EVs, particularly at LV network level.... read more
TNEI, in collaboration with CEPA (an Economics consultancy), is responsible for building, maintaining, and adapting DCUSA’s Distribution Use of System (DUoS) charging models. This covers the entire... read more
The brief It is often assumed that renewable generation like wind power cannot be relied upon to provide any level of system security, because of its variable power output. We suspected that this... read more
TNEI are well-positioned to support network clients on various aspects of their regulatory requirements, primarily around the RIIO price control. TNEI has supported clients in the preparation of... read more
TNEI was appointed by a large international wind farm operator to investigate complaints relating to shadow flicker at a five turbine scheme in south east Ireland. The assessment was undertaken in... read more
TNEI undertook technical due diligence of a portfolio of 14 onshore wind farms in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, some in construction phase and others in operational phase, totalling... read more
Renewable energy
Supporting  a wind farm developer in optimising the value in their portfolio, TNEI developed a bespoke portfolio review methodology which considers the options and merits of integrating other... read more
TNEI reviewed a portfolio of South American operational and in-construction wind projects totalling over 700MW in capacity. The review comprised an initial red flag review followed by a detailed... read more
TNEI was appointed to carry out a lightning structural protection assessment at the Chergui gas processing facility in Tunisia. The scope of work was to produce layout drawings for several sites... read more
TNEI was commissioned by Green Hedge Renewables to provide an environmental Noise Impact Assessment (NIA) to support the planning application of a proposed solar farm in Fife, Scotland. The purpose... read more
RES commissioned TNEI to undertake a network constraint assessment to calculate an estimate of potential incidences of Generator Output Reduction (GOR) for the Ora More and Altaveedan wind farms,... read more
TNEI was appointed by a wind farm operator in England to undertake compliance monitoring at a recently constructed site to demonstrate compliance with the noise limits detailed in the site’s planning... read more
TNEI provided an environmental noise impact assessment (NIA) in order to support the PPC Part A permit application for a Solid Fuel Recovery (SRF) process plant in Perthshire. The SRF process is an... read more
The energy sector of Kurdistan Regional Governate (KRG), Iraq, including electricity, has suffered from decades of conflict and sanctions that have left its institutions weakened and have resulted in... read more
TNEI supported multiple involved parties, including the developer, contractor, manufacturer and TSO EirGrid, through power system studies for Galway 110kV wind farm cluster and Knockranny substation... read more
TNEI’s noise consultants have undertaken noise assessments for more than 160 wind farms at various stages of development, from initial site design through to operational compliance monitoring,... read more
TNEI has been working on innovative projects since the company was founded. We have supported the development of nine NIC and LCNF projects which were successfully funded by Ofgem and have been... read more
TNEI provided environmental, consenting and grid connection support for a 17.5MW CHP ready gasification plant on the site of the former Drakelow Power Station in Derbyshire. The gasification process... read more
TNEI was appointed by EDP Renováveis (EDPR) and Repsol to develop, test and optimise concept engineering designs for the array electrical layout, electrical infrastructure and export connection of... read more
TNEI, with input from Pöyry, delivered this project to Ofgem’s offshore regulatory team with the aim to determine which onshore reinforcements would potentially be suitable to be opened out to... read more
This project was undertaken by TNEI for Scottish Enterprise, with Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) one of the key project stakeholders. The aim of this project was to identify potential... read more
TNEI and Baringa Consultants worked together to deliver this project to DECC and The Scottish Government.  The study was overseen by a steering group comprising representatives from DECC, the... read more