SP Energy Networks Ongoing Technical Support

Since 2012, TNEI has been part of a framework providing ongoing technical support to the Network Planning & Regulation teams in SPD (Scotland) and SPM (Manweb), covering the EHV and HV distribution networks. The services provided encompass various forms of technical and techno-economic analysis and development of bespoke software models and tools to facilitate and streamline network design, connection and innovation within SPD and SPM.

Below is a summary of the wide-ranging support TNEI has provided to SPEN over the course of the framework:

  • Strategic and technical analysis support for the development of SPEN's RIIO-ED1 and ED2 Business Plans;
  • EHV/HV connection design and investment approval;
  • EHV/HV reinforcement design and investment approval;
  • Scripting and automation for improving the network design process;
  • Novel algorithms and tools to equivalence distributed fault in-feeds across the 33kV mesh to equivalent in-feeds at 132/33kV supply points;
  • Analysis of load indices in SPD;
  • Modelling and development of technical specification for 132kV phase shifting transformer in SPM;
  • Tools to streamline generation of Long-term Development Statement and National Grid Transmission data exchanges;
  • Quantification of the level of risk associated with automatically correcting data errors in HV GIS circuit data;
  • Network losses policy development;
  • Assessment of strategic network transitioning from meshed to radial networks;
  • Tools to characterise level of generation/demand opportunity across the network;
  • Calculation of site-specific Line Loss Factors (LLFs) for customers in both the Scottish Power (SP) Manweb and SP Distribution licence areas;
  • Support on innovation projects and bids e.g. Flexible Networks, ANGLE-DC – application of MVDC scheme, VISOR;
  • Techno-economic analysis to underpin proposals for losses discretionary reward mechanism;
  • Tool to assess optimal levels of HV automation to meet IIS reward criteria;
  • Review and update of network connection and design policy to incorporate G98 and G99 changes; and
  • EHV network modelling to inform NGESO Voltage Pathfinder in Mersey region.