Private sector participation in transmission network strengthening

The energy sector of Kurdistan Regional Governate (KRG), Iraq, including electricity, has suffered from decades of conflict and sanctions that have left its institutions weakened and have resulted in under-investment and chronic deterioration in infrastructure. The objective of this World Bank assignment was to assess the need and opportunities for private sector participation in the electricity transmission sector in KRG. It is the first of three parts, where the next two assignments will focus on preparations for private funding and support during implementation.

TNEI supported Economic Consulting Associates (ECA) in the delivery of the project, including:

  • Reviewing and updating the existing transmission investment plans
  • Assessing the options for financing new investments
  • Assessing options for private sector participation in the transmission network, including the possibility of a BOOT for new investments and privatising the existing network
  • Drafting a new Grid Code.
  • Our specific contribution was our technical expertise in grid codes and transmission network planning and investment.

The transmission network in KRG comprises of mainly 132kV transmission lines, while sub-transmission network comprises of 33kV and 11kV lines. Development of a 400 kV transmission system will support connection and evacuation of power from new power generation plants under development by the private sector and future interconnection of the KRG grid to the Iraqi transmission network and surrounding countries.