Ofgem ITPR (Integrated Transmission Planning and Regulation) criteria to determine incumbent or competitive delivery

TNEI, with input from Pöyry, delivered this project to Ofgem’s offshore regulatory team with the aim to determine which onshore reinforcements would potentially be suitable to be opened out to competition.  The project formed part of Ofgem’s ITPR programme.

A framework was first developed to establish and describe the characteristics of different transmission projects and assets.  A set of example GB projects was then identified that were used throughout the analysis to demonstrate projects with a range of different characteristics.  Each example project was then assessed versus a set of “effectiveness factors” which considered whether competition could be introduced with no issues or whether changes would need to be made to the regulatory framework to enable competitions to be introduced.

Recommendations included identifying particular criteria that could be used to determine suitable projects, and potential changes to the regulatory framework that could be considered in order for increased project types to become suitable for competition.