Noise Impact Assessment (NIA)

TNEI provided an environmental noise impact assessment (NIA) in order to support the PPC Part A permit application for a Solid Fuel Recovery (SRF) process plant in Perthshire. The SRF process is an advanced fuel preparation process which takes fine residual waste from existing recycling facilities that is currently landfilled. After drying, the material is processed to remove over-sized waste and separation of all ferrous and non-ferrous metals prior to shredding and baling.

The NIA comprised of two elements; firstly, a comprehensive noise source inventory wass compiled and an assessment made against BAT (best available techniques). Compilation of the inventory included a mixture of analysis of manufacturer supplied noise and test data, and on site noise level measurements. Secondly, an assessment of noise levels received at the nearest noise sensitive receptors was undertaken through a series of operational noise level measurements and comparison made against noise level limits derived from existing background noise levels.