Noise compliance with smart monitoring equipment

TNEI was appointed by a wind farm operator in England to undertake compliance monitoring at a recently constructed site to demonstrate compliance with the noise limits detailed in the site’s planning consent. As part of the assessment, our team of specialists deployed four WindComply noise modules to collect a variety of noise data at locations around the development.

The WindComply units were powered by solar panels (operating in tandem with an internal battery pack) and data was sent back via Visualwind’s Windsync platform on a daily basis. TNEI staff checked the data each day and analysed the noise data, together with SCADA data from the turbines and wind speed / direction data every week.

Use of the WindComply module ensured that sufficient data had been collected to undertake the assessment, whilst enabling TNEI to provide regular updates to the client on the results of the assessment.  Our acousticians were able to advise on the requirement for wind turbine shut downs (which were required for certain wind conditions) and were able to confirm when sufficient data had been collected to avoid unnecessary periods of shut down, thus minimising revenue losses.

Following a detailed analysis of the data, our team was able to attend the site to decommission the equipment and prepare a compliance report for submission to the Local Planning Authority.