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Issue 13, November 2016

In this issue of TNEI On Grid, find out more about: 

  • Meet milestones or lose your grid offer
  • In brief - Capacity Markets, Load Heat Maps, Ireland, Local Balancing
  • Business case modelling for co-located storage
  • Statement of Works - the saga continues

Issue 12, August 2016

In this issue of TNEI On Grid, find out more about: 

  • Network charging review and embedded benefit / triad changes
  • Improvements to grid timescales in the South West,
  • Managing grid compliance risk
  • Energy storage - seminar, business cases, Ofgem announcements
  • Capacity market reporting

Issue 11, May 2016

Your Grid Connection News:

  • Storage
  • Flexibility
  • Scottish Transmission Update

Issue 10, December 2015

Your Grid Connection News:

  • Energy Storage Growth
  • National Grid Heat Map Tool
  • Revenue from Grid Services